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3 Bite-Sized Tips to Spice Up Your Copywriting

Sep 12
When you don’t have long to convey the importance or value of a topic – use the old analogy trick. This gives the person reading an instant connection to a topic or an emotion, which helps them get your point quickly and keeps them engaged. Compare; Our cleaning product is
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Defining your Core Values for Better Business

Sep 04
What are Core Values?   Core Values are the beating heart of your business.                                                                  They are the values which you and your business live by. Words which guide and motivate you, and help you make decisions and take actions which are ultimately in line with achieving your business goals.
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Finding Social Media Content Your Audience Wants to Read

Aug 24
Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram… Social media scheduling is tough for a lot of business owners. This can be a very time-consuming task, and the real time-eater is in actually finding what you want to share! You need content which will showcase your business, but also be engaging and valuable enough that your followers want
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How to Find Great Blog Topics for Your Business

Aug 03
I had a client come to me with a headache this week. The source of her problem? “I want to start blogging for my business but have no idea what to write about.”   This is a common complaint I hear from clients as a copywriter, so let me help
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How to use Hashtags

Jul 31
They are all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – people even use them in conversation! – but what is a hashtag? What’s the point?   This blog is stuffed with helpful info on the mysterious hashtag; how to use them, how to find your hashtags, business hashtagging ideas and some extra
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How to Find Keywords for your Website

Jul 24
Wondering how to research keywords to make your website copy more Google-friendly and rank higher?   Here is a quick way to get you started…   First – Brainstorm   Do a total brain-dump and write down all the words which relate to your business – try to think of
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Your Copywriter Has Just Sent You a Lengthy Brief – Why?!

Jul 14
You are a busy business owner, you’ve just hired a copywriter to take care of creating your website content for you – and the first thing they do is send a large array of questions you need to answer.   You might be thinking, “Uh, this defeats the purpose of
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How to Find the Right “Tone” for Your Content

Jun 05
Hold up. What does a copywriter even mean by “the tone”? Any copywriter worth their salt will ask what you want the “tone” of your content to be before they start writing for you – but it’s often hard for you, the client, to find an answer.   So, to help business owners and
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Website Copy Health Checklist

May 10
Your website content is your online sales-rep – but how often do you check if it is performing well? You’d keep an eye on a physical sales-team; making sure they are up-to-date with current offers and promotions and that they are selling in a way that is on-brand, and that
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What Social Media Should Your Business be Using?

May 08
If you are wondering if you should be bothering with the ‘social media thing’ for your business – the answer is yes. Social media gives your business: Free marketing opportunities The chance to build trust and a relationship with your customers Direct traffic to your website High-quality SEO links to