Finding Social Media Content Your Audience Wants to Read

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram…

Social media scheduling is tough for a lot of business owners.

This can be a very time-consuming task, and the real time-eater is in actually finding what you want to share!

You need content which will showcase your business, but also be engaging and valuable enough that your followers want to see and share it. This builds a community out of your audience. They know you aren’t just spamming them with your brand, but are adding interest and value to their feed.


Stick to the 80-20 rule.

 chalkboard 80% social media Perth copywriting

80% of the time you should be offering value to your followers.

Whether that is in the form of competitions, funny videos, quotes, tips, blogs – just make sure it’s anything entertaining and useful to them.


chalkboard 20% social media management Perth

20% of the time you can sell.

Just keep it classy.

Make sure it is in a way that addresses what they are looking for, not just a generic, ‘buy from me’.



A lot of people will find themselves doing it the other way around, and then wonder why no-one engages with their posts or why their followers aren’t increasing. We are assaulted with advertising wherever we turn, and only if it is also entertaining or carefully targeted (so we are actually looking for that product or service at the time) are we ok with it.

No one wants another account in their feed pushing their products 100% of the time.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

brainstorm content ideas

Brainstorm. Think about what your clients are into.

  • What do they buy?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • How do they spend their free time?
  • What’s important to them?

For example, let’s say you are a landscaper. You’ve decided you want to target homeowners with disposable income, a family, a boat who live in the western suburbs of Perth.

Great. This means your 80% can be posts about the weather being perfect for a boat trip on the weekend, pictures of the Swan River or Cottesloe Beach, tips for places to go during the school holidays, reminders about Mothers Day coming up, tips for work productivity, health or sleep… you get the idea.


And your 20%? Photos of amazing landscape designs you have done, client testimonials, reminders that you offer a stress-free garden maintenance service so they can enjoy their weekends with family, promote ‘Garden Party’ clean up deals around the holidays… That’s not just selling, it’s offering value and showing how your services can actually help them live the lifestyle they want.


You also need to be targeted in the types of social media channels you are using.
Read here for info on how to know what social media you should use for your business


Our top 10 Content Ideasphone social media perth copywriting


  1. Quote images
  2. Blogs – read here for tips on finding topics to blog about
  3. Competitions
  4. How-to videos and infographics
  5. Behind-the-scenes images – your team, action shots of making your product, photos with clients etc.
  6. Events – not just in your business but local, related events
  7. Photos of your town/city – you live there, you go to the beach, show a little local spirit by showing off the place you live in
  8. Client testimonials/reviews – in image or video form
  9. Holidays – school holidays, public holidays, or even search for funny days like ‘Naked Gardening Day’ or ‘World Chocolate Day’.
  10. Regular posts – Monday Motivation quote, Product of the Week etc.


Hopefully your brain is now pumping with awesome ideas and we have helped make your social media management a little easier and a lot more fun!


If you still don’t feel you have the time or the brain space to run your business social media, feel free to get in touch with us – we’d love to help out!

See our social media services here.

How to use Hashtags

They are all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – people even use them in conversation! – but what is a hashtag? What’s the point?


This blog is stuffed with helpful info on the mysterious hashtag; how to use them, how to find your hashtags, business hashtagging ideas and some extra tips and tricks – enjoy!


What is a hashtag?hashtag social media posting

Essentially, a #hashtag is a way for the internet and social media channels to organize relevant information together, and make it easily searchable – and this helps your content get discovered! Whatever image or post you choose to tag with a hashtag will then be able to be found by people searching that tag.


There are many ways you as a business can use them to help you with marketing and reaching your target audience – here are a few to get you started.



Instagram competition hash tagging Perth


If you are running a competition you can create a very specific hashtag like #HatsOff2Win, for people to use to enter. This way no one else but the people you want to track will be using it. You are then able to search the tag yourself and look through all the entries to select the winner. This means you don’t have to scroll through your page or have people send you images or details– they are already complied under this tag.


Track Projects.


Businesses can use them to make it easy for their audience to follow a project or campaign they are running. For example, if you are a landscaper, you can tag all the images you post throughout a design and build by tagging them with #PerthCityProject1. Then someone can search that tag and see only the project they are interested in looking at. You can even include that hashtag in your marketing – search #PerthCityProject1 to see our latest build! – as a way of sending people to images which showcase a particular project, instead of telling them to scroll through your full FB page.


Audience Reach.


A major way to find your audience is through using relevant tags on images and posts – especially on Instagram. People use them to scroll through what they are interested in, so include a few tags which might catch a new follower, instead of just a few business-related tags which will always reach the same audience. Especially useful if you are a foodie business, people now use tag like #recipeideas to look for new meals on social channels, instead of just googling it – so try think outside the box!


Tips and tricks.


  • You can use up to 30 tags in Instagram, and research shows that images with 11 or more images get the most reach.
  • Posting the majority of your tags as the first comment on your image, instead of in the post itself, keeps your post looking clean and easier to read.
  • Try not to just use common tags like #summer and #nature, but search for more industry-relevant tags and local tags like #landscapingperth.
  • Pick a tag for just your business like #HatsOffCopywriting or #HatsOffWordNerds and include in in every post, and ask your clients to tag you using them – for example, a post with their laptop open to their new website with “Thanks #HatsOffCopywriting for our sparkly new website content!”
  • BE RELEVANT! Remember, people are searching specific words for a reason. If they search #Perthfashion and find your computing company, you won’t just annoy them, but will cause a loss of trust in your businesses reputation – as you are clearly just trying to get seen, not be useful.


people using social media on phones

How to find your hashtags.


The easiest way is to brainstorm a few keywords for your industry, think about the questions below, and then search them one by one on Instagram to see which are being used. Some might not get used as much, but the people searching them will definitely be your target market, so they are just as (if not more) important.

Go to Search in your Instagram, then select Tags. This will show you how many tags already exist for the word you are using – the more tags, the more often it’s used and the bigger following it has.


Location – where are your target audience? You’ll want to include local words or tags, for example, a widely-used Perth hashtag is #Perthisok. Have a look at your local tourist companies Instagram, or your local city, and see what they are using and if any will be relevant to you.


Industry – What are the top-selling or searched products or services in your industry? It’s almost the same as looking for keywords for your website content or marketing – what are people wanting to buy or see from your industry?


Competitors – This is an easy way to quickly collect relevant tags. Just find the top 10 people in your industry and see what they are using!


Buzz Words. There are always buzz words in every industry, and if you are in the succulent business at the moment you will have loads to choose from; #succulentlove #succulentaddict and so on. You can use the day of the week like #Mondaymotivation, #Fridayfeels, or whatever is in your image, #coffeetime, #workmode. Instagram also suggests tags for you once you put in the relevant word – just scroll down to pick one.


An important thing to note is to use variation. Don’t just copy and paste the same 30 tags on every image – you want to reach new people with every post. A good idea is to choose around 10-15 tags which are the mst relevant and important to your business, and try keep the other 15 fresh with each image.


We could go on, but that might be enough for now!


In short – using hashtags strategically can help you grow your business by exposing you to a variety of audiences, attracting new followers, and increasing engagement with your brand.


Happy #hashtagging!


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What Social Media Should Your Business be Using?

If you are wondering if you should be bothering with the ‘social media thing’ for your business – the answer is yes.

Social media gives your business:

  • Free marketing opportunities
  • The chance to build trust and a relationship with your customers
  • Direct traffic to your website
  • High-quality SEO links to your website – helps you show up in search engine results
  • Helps expand your audience
  • And just so much more!


Your business should ABSOLUTELY be taking advantage of the marketing opportunities social platforms offer, and if you aren’t currently, here are the…

Top 3 Social Media Channels every business should be using…


1. Facebook – Great for businesses visibility, as well as providing a high-ranking SEO link to your website. You can target your posts to make sure the right people have a higher chance of seeing it, and is good for sharing media of all kinds from blogs to videos. Make sure everything is easy to see at a glance – most people spend around 20 mins at a time on FB so it’s a short window to grab their attention – and use subtitles in any videos you post for people who watch without sound. It has a broad demographic and is accessed daily and is still the most used social platform – but might be out-ranked by Instagram soon.

Facebook’s recent data shows 16 million Aussie Facebook users – that’s around 65.8% of the total Australian population.

2. Google+ and Google+ My Business – Obviously very Google-friendly, so creates a great link to your website, helps useful information about your business show up in search results, and allows customers to review you which increases your Google and credibility ranking. Your business page is also a great place to share authority content such as blogs and gain followers who might turn into customers. If you don’t have a Google+ my business page, do not delay in signing up here – and it’s simple and free so there is no good reason not to! 


3. LinkedIn Now this is another high-quality link to your website but, more importantly, YOU also need to personally have a page.  Creating a page for yourself as the owner and face of your business is great for establishing credibility, proving your expertise by listing your credits and experience and networking with other professionals and clients. This is also a good place for posting blogs and authority content for your industry, so perfect for businesses which would struggle to use Instagram – like accountants. This has a much more ‘professional’ reputation – more formal than Facebook or Instagram.

business social media channels Perth

If you are a small business and doing all your social stuff personally, you can stop here and get these three established before taking on any other accounts.

Social media is about quality, regular content, so if you can’t manage that – don’t take on any more. Do a few and do them well.

Another one you are probably thinking should be in the top 3 is Instagram. You are right that this is a great channel to be using, and it will probably take over Facebook in popularity in the not-to-distant future. But Instagram is image-based and should only be used by businesses who can produce high-quality and visually engaging images. Here’s the skinny


Instagram – Excellent for businesses who can offer beautiful visuals like travel and food, wedding industries or clothing companies. More for pleasure, people are looking for attention-grabbing images to like or bite-sized information like quotes. You can use images to send people to your blogs, but can’t use too much content in the actual post. Great for hashtags – making it easy for users of your product to tag and feature your business in their own posts. Use only high-quality, light and bright images. Over 50% of users are in the 18-29 year-old age bracket.


Climbing in popularity every month, if your business can be on Instagram, it should be on Instagram.

Remember, these platforms, the internet, and the way people engage with social media is always evolving, so keep testing the waters.

social media likes letters perth

If you aren’t gaining any traction on Facebook, try heading to Instagram and just re-sharing images on your Facebook page to keep it active without adding to your workload.

Be sure to have a social media strategy in place before beginning. Establish your goals, amount of posts per week, content options etc. first, otherwise you will feel like you are in over your head very quickly.

Don’t be afraid to show people behind the scenes; a workplace shot, you having a Monday coffee before starting the week and so on. A big part of the whole ‘social media thing’ is about helping your audience feel connected to your brand.


So create a strategy, sign up, and start engaging with your audience – and watch the benefits start rolling in!


If you need some help with this, have a question or want us to manage your accounts for you, we are always happy to chat, so get in touch!