3 Bite-Sized Tips to Spice Up Your Copywriting

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When you don’t have long to convey the importance or value of a topic – use the old analogy trick. This gives the person reading an instant connection to a topic or an emotion, which helps them get your point quickly and keeps them engaged.


Our cleaning product is the best in the business

Just like Chuck Norris, our cleaning product is unbeatable.


Which one jumps out at you more? Everyone knows that Chuck Norris is considered the top dog – no one beats him. How many times have you heard ‘best in the business’ in someone’s website content or blogs and glossed right over it? By using an analogy instead, your readers know you are saying your product is the best in the business, but in a more fun and memorable way.


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No matter how great you are at writing, it can be easy to slip into a certain way of doing things. Often, if you know your topic really well, your brain fills in any missing information while writing so you think you have explained something clearly. But, when the person reading isn’t the expert you are, they don’t get the full picture. You are also familiar with the terms and buzzwords of your industry, but there is a high chance your readers aren’t.

You want all your copywriting, from website or to emails, to be engaging and informative – but don’t forget about simple.

Try to de-jargon whenever possible, use analogies as above to help convey more difficult concepts and get someone outside your industry to check what you write for readability.

Making your content understandable in no-way lessens your authority on the topic. Instead, it broadens your reach and increases your credibility – because now everyone out there can understand exactly how awesome you are!


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When you are trying to convey an emotion or feeling, or using a descriptive word, try words which are more emotionally-loaded and not the usual suspects.


Our customers love our product and you will too.

Obsessed with our product yet? You will be – just ask our customers!


That doesn’t just take it from generic to engaging, but also conveys that you have no doubt that this is an incredible product – you already know they’ll love it!

Try swapping words for their more descriptive and emotional counterparts – or use a saying or phrase instead.

Happy = Ecstatic. Fun = Barrel of Laughs. Calm = Zen. Unique = Broke-the-Mould.

Amazing = Extraordinary. Small = Bite-sized (see what we did there?)

You might feel a little audacious, or like you’re blowing your own trumpet, but hey, if you don’t love what you’re selling enough to call it extraordinary or worth obsessing over – maybe you need to fall in love with it again or find something else you can!

How’s that for bite-sized copywriting tips that pack a punch?!

We hope these snackable tips helped you take a different look at copywriting and will give you fresh eyes and ideas for the next time you put on your copywriting hat to tackle writing your website content or blogs.

Want more? Have a read through our blog for more copywriting tips and tricks.


Happy Content Creating!

How to Find Great Blog Topics for Your Business

I had a client come to me with a headache this week. The source of her problem? “I want to start blogging for my business but have no idea what to write about.”business woman idea bubble blogging Perth


This is a common complaint I hear from clients as a copywriter, so let me help you out with a simple trick…


What do they want to know – not – what do you want to tell them?


Don’t sit for hours asking yourself what you want to say, or what you want to write about today. Think instead…


  • What questions have your clients been asking?
  • What are their common problems?
  • What do they need to know from you before committing to your services/product?
  • What are they surprised by once they use your services? (How easy, pain-free, cheap, etc.)


Think of your blogs as a Google search. What would your target audience be typing into the search bar that’s related to what you offer?


Take a florist for example…

bunches of flowers florist business

Gift ideas for wedding/birthday/event. 

How to keep my flowers lasting longer in a vase? 

What do different flower colours/types mean? 

Is a single rose or bouquet better?


Each search entry = a blog post for the florist.

By answering those questions in your blog posts you;

A. Offer value

B. Attract your target audience

C. Add organic SEO to your website

D. Create very shareable content for your social platforms.


Another simple way to come up with content is to get in the habit of writing down any common questions you are asked during the day by clients. You know what your clients are asking, and you answer their questions face-to-face daily, but how about quadrupling your reach by making a blog post about it?!


Boom. There you have it.

With this simple way of looking at it, you will be churning out relevant, valuable content to attract and help your audience in no time!


Read more on blogging and the many ways it’s useful for your business here.


Happy Blogging!


The Art of Writing Good Headlines

Want to learn how to write double-take headlines that make the reader need to know more?

Well you’ve come to the right blog!

All headlines should be short, snappy and attract interest regardless of whether they are on your website, blogs, posts or ads on social media. Let’s be real, you are competing with a torrential and endless stream of content, advertising and businesses out there – and you have seconds to grab the attention of someone long enough to make them want to click and read more.

An excellent way to catch someone’s eye is to use the Threat or Gain method.

The Threat method is a way of motivating your audience to scroll down or click learn more by tapping into their instinct to avoid pain wherever possible. Half of your audience won’t be able to scroll past something that tells them if they don’t learn more about this they will regret it!

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The Threat Method


Start your headlines with,

  • Don’t Try This..
  • Never…  
  • If You Don’t…
  • The Sooner You Know…


Some examples are, Don’t Make This Common Mistake When Ordering Offline or Warning. What You Must Know Before Downloading Music.


If you are a person who buys offline or listens to music, you are going to want to know the ‘full story’ before continuing to do those things!

The opposite method is using Gain as a motivator. Some people are more interested in moving toward pleasure, than getting away from pain.

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The Gain Method


Start these headlines with,

  • You Too Can…
  • Discover the (X) Secret…
  • Improve/Increase Your (X) Now!…
  • A Quick Way To…


Examples would be, Never Weed Again With These 3 Gardening Tips, Bake To Impress Without Being A Chef or Get Fit Without Working Out!

These tell you that life will be better, easier and you’ll be cooler if you read this blog!

So now you know the basics, here’s a few tips and tricks to think about to get you writing headlines that pop!


  • Make a Promise

Add the words How To or If you Make/Apply/Give – let them know that if they read/click on this, they will get something out of it. Changing it from a statement, Make Your Headlines Pop, to How To Make Your Headlines Pop, makes it sound informative and helpful – a promise that’s worth a click.


  • Convey Time Commitment

Your readers are busy, they don’t want to click on a blog if it sounds like a heavy read. If you say 5 Tips or 3 Quick Ways To…, then they already know it’s not going to take their whole lives to read and a quick flick through will give something worth their time.


  • Be Intriguing

A headline like, What Spreadsheet Graphs and Internet Dating Have in Common, tells you the topic, but also makes you want to know exactly how they are going to present the information and how they are going to back that statement up. Make it funny or original, and people’s curiosity will drive them to getting engaged. Or have Don’t Try This At Home! with an intriguing image – people won’t be able to resist!


Now I challenge you, grab some paper and write down the top services/products you want to sell to your target market. Now with those in mind, begin writing your own snappy headlines that will convince people to buy, read – whatever action you want them to take!


Still can’t wrap your head around it? That’s totally fine, we are more than happy to help you out with headlines and content for your website or social!


The Benefits Of Blogging For Your Business

Or for an alternative headline…

Blogging – you can’t afford not to!


As a business owner you might think…

  • What’s the point of blogging?
  • Is blogging really worth my time/money?
  • Does blogging work for people in my industry?

The answers are yes, yes and heck yes!

What are the advantages to your business you ask?

Blogging is a simple and cost-effective way to do 3 EXTREMELY VALUABLE things…

  1. Increase Brand Authority

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You want people to view you and your brand as the authority on your industry. A brilliant way to do that is to provide relevant and valuable content that answers their questions and makes them view you as the go-to for what they need to know – when they need to know it.

This positions you as a business overflowing with knowledge and insight – making them feel that if they use your services or buy your product, they can trust it will be worth their money and of the highest quality.  After all, look at the treasure-trove of information your business gives away for free – imagine what the benefits of paying for your services must be like!


  1. Create SEO + Marketing Gold

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As a business owner you tend to spend large on marketing, trying to rank up your business online and get your name out there. But have you thought about blogging as a strategy? If you invest in a regular blog it does a few things for you….


  • Provides fresh + consistent content which Google LOVES – helping you rank up
  • Increases traffic to your website by adding heaps of longtail* and varied keywords to your site
  • Gives you content to share across all your online platforms – increasing brand recognition + authority
  • Loads your website with quality content – another thing Google is fond of
  • It is shareable, meaning if people find it valuable they will share it – for free! – across their own online channels. Aka doubling your marketing for nothing!


Let me ask you, how many times do you personally Google questions before buying? Questions like, “Why do I need a copywriter?”, “Good professional copywriters for website content” or “I need a creative copywriter in Perth”. See what I did there? I just inserted good longtail* keywords for my business COMPLETELY organically into this blog post.

And if you do this for your own business you are consistently adding good keywords to your website with every blog. Let’s face it, if someone is asking these questions, they are your target customer, they are looking to buy, and you can catch them in that moment, answer their question and direct them to your site. Gold.


  1. Connect + Build Relationships with your Audience

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A big part of successful business branding is visibility and engagement, and both help to build trust with your audience. The more they see and hear you, the more they feel they know you and then the closer you are to the front of their minds when it comes time to buy!

Regularly sharing blogs means you are constantly talking to them, answering their questions, sharing your knowledge and generally being approachable. They also get a sense of the personality of the people behind the brand; you can slip in your values, personal anecdotes, past stories of clients you have helped…the possibilities are endless!

So there you have it!

Blogging creates many extra benefits for your business with just a little bit of investment required.

As a marketing and SEO strategy it is invaluable and we recommend it to all our clients –  almost regardless of industry – as there is always someone out there who has questions which if your business can answer, creates a relationship and then makes you the trusted choice for buying!


So why should you blog as a business? Well why WOULDN’T you? Go on, get one started today!


If the idea of managing a blog along with the rest of your business to-do list stresses you out, get in touch with our copywriting + blogging experts!


*longtail – longer and more specific keyword phrases that your target audience are more likely to use when they’re doing research aka. getting closer to making a purchasing decision.