Defining your Core Values for Better Business

What are Core Values?


Core Values are the beating heart of your business.

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They are the values which you and your business live by. Words which guide and motivate you, and help you make decisions and take actions which are ultimately in line with achieving your business goals.

For example, Apple has a commitment to innovation- one of their core values. That has influenced their tagline, ‘Think Different’, and would be a key factor they consider before hiring new staff, or making a business decision.

Are you a person who values Integrity in everything you do?

Then this needs to be a core value of your business; conveyed to customers so they know they can trust you, and to staff so they know how you expect them to act in order represent your company well.

You might say that you already live by that value and that’s awesome – but there is power in writing things down.

Having your values in black and white cements their importance and provides you with something to check back with and to measure your actions by.

How else do they help?

  • Conveying values clearly through your website content (in your business statement or about us page for example) builds trust and connection to your visitors.
  • They assist you when hiring, so you can be sure to create a team of people whose attitudes and work ethics are in line with your business’s values.
  • The process of defining your core values is an excellent team bonding exercise, helping employees feel a real ownership of their work and actions while part of your team.

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We think they are worth defining before hiring staff, writing your website content or creating promotions and marketing campaigns – this way you can build a consistent reputation around your core values.

There are many programs and methods around finding your values, but we wanted to provide a quick way just to get you started – if you think you need a more detailed approach, Google should be able to help you out!

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  1. What do you want your business to be seen as or known for?

Write down whatever words come to mind – don’t use a filter at this stage. Some examples are; Honest, Creative, Impacting, Reliable, Passionate, Innovative, Professional, Efficient… etc.


  1. Pick the top 5

Choose the ones you can’t run your business without, and the ones which resonate with you and your staff the most. Which inspire or motivate you?  Which feel the most authentic and describe you the best?

These are the values you need to make sure are incorporated and considered in every aspect of your business.


  1. Write them down as statements


A great way to help these resonate with you and those who read them is to write them as an action statement.


For example, here is one of our personal and business values…

Value: Honesty

Principle: We commit to being open and authentic in our dealings and relationships with clients and staff, and expect others to be open and authentic with us.

This reminds us to check our processes and relationships– are we making things clear for clients during quotes and conversations? Do we have open and genuine interactions with suppliers and staff? Are we compliant and legal in tax and business matters?


We like to think that we were honest before we wrote it down, but having it in black and white keeps us accountable – even in the little things!


Now you have a list of values which will inspire, motivate and guide you – and keep you moving forward in a positive direction as a business!


Once you have these defined, they are an awesome theme to use throughout your website content to give it focus – and in all other areas of your marketing and advertising. If your customers can see you are committed to and show great business values, they will feel much happier giving their business to you!


Three cheers for doing better business!

How to Find Great Blog Topics for Your Business

I had a client come to me with a headache this week. The source of her problem? “I want to start blogging for my business but have no idea what to write about.”business woman idea bubble blogging Perth


This is a common complaint I hear from clients as a copywriter, so let me help you out with a simple trick…


What do they want to know – not – what do you want to tell them?


Don’t sit for hours asking yourself what you want to say, or what you want to write about today. Think instead…


  • What questions have your clients been asking?
  • What are their common problems?
  • What do they need to know from you before committing to your services/product?
  • What are they surprised by once they use your services? (How easy, pain-free, cheap, etc.)


Think of your blogs as a Google search. What would your target audience be typing into the search bar that’s related to what you offer?


Take a florist for example…

bunches of flowers florist business

Gift ideas for wedding/birthday/event. 

How to keep my flowers lasting longer in a vase? 

What do different flower colours/types mean? 

Is a single rose or bouquet better?


Each search entry = a blog post for the florist.

By answering those questions in your blog posts you;

A. Offer value

B. Attract your target audience

C. Add organic SEO to your website

D. Create very shareable content for your social platforms.


Another simple way to come up with content is to get in the habit of writing down any common questions you are asked during the day by clients. You know what your clients are asking, and you answer their questions face-to-face daily, but how about quadrupling your reach by making a blog post about it?!


Boom. There you have it.

With this simple way of looking at it, you will be churning out relevant, valuable content to attract and help your audience in no time!


Read more on blogging and the many ways it’s useful for your business here.


Happy Blogging!


The Art of Writing Good Headlines

Want to learn how to write double-take headlines that make the reader need to know more?

Well you’ve come to the right blog!

All headlines should be short, snappy and attract interest regardless of whether they are on your website, blogs, posts or ads on social media. Let’s be real, you are competing with a torrential and endless stream of content, advertising and businesses out there – and you have seconds to grab the attention of someone long enough to make them want to click and read more.

An excellent way to catch someone’s eye is to use the Threat or Gain method.

The Threat method is a way of motivating your audience to scroll down or click learn more by tapping into their instinct to avoid pain wherever possible. Half of your audience won’t be able to scroll past something that tells them if they don’t learn more about this they will regret it!

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The Threat Method


Start your headlines with,

  • Don’t Try This..
  • Never…  
  • If You Don’t…
  • The Sooner You Know…


Some examples are, Don’t Make This Common Mistake When Ordering Offline or Warning. What You Must Know Before Downloading Music.


If you are a person who buys offline or listens to music, you are going to want to know the ‘full story’ before continuing to do those things!

The opposite method is using Gain as a motivator. Some people are more interested in moving toward pleasure, than getting away from pain.

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The Gain Method


Start these headlines with,

  • You Too Can…
  • Discover the (X) Secret…
  • Improve/Increase Your (X) Now!…
  • A Quick Way To…


Examples would be, Never Weed Again With These 3 Gardening Tips, Bake To Impress Without Being A Chef or Get Fit Without Working Out!

These tell you that life will be better, easier and you’ll be cooler if you read this blog!

So now you know the basics, here’s a few tips and tricks to think about to get you writing headlines that pop!


  • Make a Promise

Add the words How To or If you Make/Apply/Give – let them know that if they read/click on this, they will get something out of it. Changing it from a statement, Make Your Headlines Pop, to How To Make Your Headlines Pop, makes it sound informative and helpful – a promise that’s worth a click.


  • Convey Time Commitment

Your readers are busy, they don’t want to click on a blog if it sounds like a heavy read. If you say 5 Tips or 3 Quick Ways To…, then they already know it’s not going to take their whole lives to read and a quick flick through will give something worth their time.


  • Be Intriguing

A headline like, What Spreadsheet Graphs and Internet Dating Have in Common, tells you the topic, but also makes you want to know exactly how they are going to present the information and how they are going to back that statement up. Make it funny or original, and people’s curiosity will drive them to getting engaged. Or have Don’t Try This At Home! with an intriguing image – people won’t be able to resist!


Now I challenge you, grab some paper and write down the top services/products you want to sell to your target market. Now with those in mind, begin writing your own snappy headlines that will convince people to buy, read – whatever action you want them to take!


Still can’t wrap your head around it? That’s totally fine, we are more than happy to help you out with headlines and content for your website or social!


Let’s Talk Content!

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The importance of copywriting for website content.


We see so many clients come to us much later in their business, after they have their awesome, professionally designed logo and their brand spanking new, fancy website.

After spending so much on the ‘image’ of their brand, they look at the cost of hiring a copywriter and think, “It’s not a priority right now, that part is easy enough to just do myself.”

The trouble is that as a business, your brand is more than just pretty logos and great website, it’s the content, or the ‘copy’, that ties it all together and speaks to your potential customers.

Good, creative copywriting, and clear, grammatically correct content, establishes trust and communicates to your audience that yes, this business will be a good fit, they ‘sound’ like what I need.


It’s the ‘sound’, or ‘tone’ of your website content that is crucial in helping you target the right kind of customer, the client that you want to work with. Once you have identified who that client is, your copy must reflect that, and essentially be talking directly to them when they read your content!

One client of ours is a gorgeous, bubbly lady who is all about a personal relationship with her clients and creating almost a family within her business which provides children’s sport classes.

Unfortunately, her content didn’t reflect that at all! It was stilted and dry, very basic and filled with errors. Conversely, as soon as we started our face-to-face meeting, I already wanted my kids to be able to have lessons with her – and I don’t even have any!

Her website content didn’t have the personality that she needed to convey to visitors who she and her business really were, and her fun, warm and vibrant personality was her biggest selling point!

We always tell clients that a copywriter exists to tell the story of their business. People connect with the story behind the brand, and making sure it’s personality and mission is conveyed through your content is the best way to make people want to keep reading – and ultimately choose you over your competitors!

So our challenge to you is to go read through your website content with fresh eyes.


Ask yourself,

  1. Does this sound like me?
  2. Is this attracting or speaking to my target audience?
  3. Is it aligned with how I want my business to be perceived?


If you are in doubt about any of those feel free to get in touch, we absolutely love helping businesses authentically convey their message, voice and personality through great website content!

Eat That Frog!

copywriting perth, copywriter perthIn the inspired words of Mark Twain…

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”


It’s so true. Think about it – how could things possibly get worse after digesting a slimy, squirmy frog? They can’t.

Now before I lose you completely, let me explain. I’ve just listened to a podcast where they apply that as a metaphor for attacking your day.

Take your to-do list, (my absolute favourite thing invented ever) figure out which is the hardest/most complicated/most I-want-to-avoid-this-please task you have for the day and – sorry about this – do it FIRST!

By ‘eating that frog’, or tackling and completing that difficult task in the first few hours of your day – the rest will seem a breeze in comparison!

Of course, I then tested it in the way I approach my own day and found it really does make a difference!

That feeling of achievement and relief I had after ticking that big hairy toad off my list, carried me through the rest of my tasks like it weren’t no thang.

And let’s be honest, the longer you spend looking at that ‘frog’ the harder it becomes to want to eat it!

Often it’s tempting to get all the smaller things out the way because it’s gratifying to have so many ticks on your list so quickly, but it’s actually counter-productive. The difficult things loom over you while you procrastinate on things that could just as easily be done tomorrow, or in the afternoon when your focus and energy levels are dropping off.


Attack that tough and annoying task while you are fresh, and you’ll be amazed at how much more you get done – and how much better you feel!



Read –

Listen to –

Be Contactable!

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About half of your visitors will only spend about 15 seconds on your website, so it’s super vital it’s clear how to get in touch.

Maybe it’s just microwave generation syndrome, but I get quickly frustrated if I can’t find contact details quickly on the websites I visit. A lot of the time I find myself clicking on a website for the sole purpose of grabbing the details I need to call them then and there. So when I have to click through a bunch of different pages and screens to find what I need, it can really de-motivate me to get in touch.

Your business has so much value to offer, let’s make sure that your potential clients can click and contact with ease – even if they only spend 10 seconds on your site!

How to DIY on a Word Press site.

It’s so quick and easy you can even login to your site now and just follow the steps below…

There are heaps of Plugins that are super easy to install and use, and from then on, the instant your details change you will know how to update them yourself which is a major advantage.

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-9-15-24-amHead to the Plugins bar on the left-hand side of your Dashboard and click on Add New.


You can search around to find one you like which is compatible with your version of Word Press, but just as an example, type in Speed Contact Bar and click Install.

Once that’s done, Activate and then click Settings. Here you enter in only the details you want to be seen, such as; Headline, Phone and any social media links you need, edit the appearance, and save changes.

Now you have a fully customisable bar across the top of your website.

There is also the option in Settings to give the bar a fixed position; as your visitor scrolls down the page, the contact bar comes with them. The numbers are also automatically set up as click and call, so when a visitor clicks it on their mobile, it will call instantly.

If you’re not the DIY type and have a web designer, (or plan on hiring one) they will probably suggest making this part of the design – but if they don’t, now you know to request it!


What is a copywriter and why do I need one?

copywriting perth, copywriter perth

Fair question.


If you break it down, copywriting is just the writing of words, aka. copy. And that copy is made up of words about YOUR business. Who could describe the wonderful things about your business-baby better than you? Who does this copy-person think they are?!


Just a couple of questions first…

  • Do you read through your website and think, “That just doesn’t sound like me!”?
  • Do you spend hours on a single paragraph but still can’t get your point across?
  • Do you want to have a higher chance of conversion?
  • Do you have a head full of words but only ever a blank page?
  • Are you strapped for time and resent all the wordy things you have to do?

If any of those sound familiar – let’s talk!

You started your business because you believe in what you can offer – and you want people to know about it!

But just like you outsource your bookkeeping or taxes because time and willpower are not on your side – it makes sense to pass on the wordy stuff to someone who gets it, and can free you up to focus on the things you are the best at!

A copywriter will have a brief of targeted questions to ask, chat with you for a while and will soon be able to really get a grasp on your business and you, the person behind it. And words are kinda their thing. So with the right info, they can make sure that it’s the essence of you that comes across.

People only have time for a whiff of you anyway, be it scanning your website or checking out a couple of posts on Facebook, and a copywriter’s job is to make sure that one whiff is all it takes for them to decide on you!