How to Find Keywords for your Website

Wondering how to research keywords to make your website copy more Google-friendly and rank higher?


Here is a quick way to get you started…


First – Brainstorm

 brainstorm keyword ideas copywriting perth

Do a total brain-dump and write down all the words which relate to your business – try to think of what people looking for you would be typing into Google.


For example, people will find our website by typing something like this…





Perth Copywriting

Website content writing

Perth copywriter


Long-tail keywords:


Write my website Perth

How to write my website

Run my social media Perth

Website copywriter Perth


And so on… Can you see how this is how most people look for any kind of service online nowadays? I know it’s the way I do most of my Googling – “How to fix my xxx” or “Where can I find xxx in Perth”.

We call anything in this kind of sentence form a long-tail keyword.

These are excellent to use in blogs – or even better, base your whole blog post around answering that question. This offers value to people searching and can then direct them back to your website and your services. Read here for more on the benefits of blogging for your business.

A single word, like copywriter or 2-3 words like professional copywriting or social media management, is when it is called a keyword.


Now you have your Keywords…


Take your list of keywords, type them into Google search and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find in the bottom left corner a list of ‘related search terms’. This is what Google associates with your keyword based on what else people have used – an excellent way to find more relevant keywords!

finding keywords related to website content writer

Google search for website content writer


Tip. You can also see which of your main competitors show up under what keywords which tells you what they are using and which keywords you will want to focus on.


The Keyword Planner is a useful tool to get more keyword ideas, check how often yours are searched, and figure out which to focus on based on price. The higher the cost, the more valuable they are but the harder it is to rank for them. Often it’s good to choose a few cheaper but more targeted keywords to focus on first– another way to use blogging effectively. Less people are searching for them, but if they are, they are more likely to be your target audience and ready to buy.

how to find keywords keyword planner

Pick your top 10-15 keywords


Now you have a better idea of what Googlers are using to find people in your industry, pick the top keywords to focus on using within your website.

Try to stick with 1-2 per page, and use localised words when relevant, aka. Perth.


These you want to use within your Headers, Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Image Alt Tags, and of course, your content. Remember – don’t keyword stuff! Make sure they read well within your text and will make sense to the reader.


You aren’t just writing for Google, you are writing for your visitors. You want them to be engaged as well as able to quickly find out the important information.  


We hope this helps you understand the use of keywords and how to find the perfect ones for your website!


If you are looking at your list of excellent keywords but have no idea how to use them within your content, give our friendly copywriters a call!


Happy Keyword-ing!

Your Copywriter Has Just Sent You a Lengthy Brief – Why?!

You are a busy business owner, you’ve just hired a copywriter to take care of creating your website content for you – and the first thing they do is send a large array of questions you need to answer.stressed business owner website content writing perth


You might be thinking, “Uh, this defeats the purpose of hiring someone to write my content and save me time!”, and that maybe you should just do it yourself while you’re at it!


Why can’t we just call you, take some notes and crank out some copy?


Well, we could. But the point isn’t to just get some generic words on a generic website about a generic business. That’s not you. You have a story, a why, a reason you are simply the best and should be chosen out of the 100 other businesses in your industry.

If we don’t know the answers to the important questions like;

Who are you targeting?

What makes you different?

What tone should your copy have?

What words describe your business?


Then we won’t be able to grasp the essence of your business. We need to know how to write in a way that speaks to and connects with your audience – or shows why you are the right people to solve their problem.

If we don’t ask the questions, we won’t get the answers that tell us how to create content that is valuable to you, and worth your investment.

It’s not about the words – we have plenty of those. It’s about the message. Your message.

So, next time you get sent a bunch of annoying questions from a copywriter, invest some time in answering them to the best of your ability. Then you will get copy in return which is targeted, authentic and will help you get the most out of your online presence.


Need website content that works for you?

Talk to our copywriters today!

Website Copy Health Checklist

Your website content is your online sales-rep – but how often do you check if it is performing well?

You’d keep an eye on a physical sales-team; making sure they are up-to-date with current offers and promotions and that they are selling in a way that is on-brand, and that they are generally representing your business well – but does your website get checked for the same?

Here is a checklist to give your website the once-over for optimum health.

  1. Can people find your contact details in the first 8 seconds?


If they have to scroll around and click through a bunch of pages to figure out how to get in touch – chances are they won’t! Make sure you have a contact page, info in the footer, and clear calls to action throughout your site which link through to your contact details. If you have a WordPress site, read here for how to be contactable.

cellphone contact website details copywriting

  1. Can visitors find out what you do/offer without scrolling or clicking?


Along the same lines as easy to find contact details, the first thing people should read or see on your site is enough information for them to know if you are offering what they are looking for. If you only have images or vague content on your home page, your visitor isn’t going to click around and do some digging to see if you are the right fit for them – they will just back-click and find someone easier.


  1. Can your visitors instantly see where you are located?


There is nothing worse than shopping for half an hour, finding what you want then discovering at the checkout that the company is actually in Timbuktu – and they don’t offer international shipping! The same goes for any location-based services like Landscaping or a Beauty Salon, make it clear you are a local Perth business, or ship world-wide, then your visitor quickly knows if they can use your services.


  1. Do your headlines offer enough info/interest to make people want to read more?


8/10 people scan every website they visit before committing to reading the details, so if you don’t use headlines to convey the important stuff, they might not realise you are exactly what/who they need in their lives. Read here for more on how to create headlines that POP!


  1. What shows up when people search you?google search meta data copywriting Perth


When you Google a business, the little bit of blurb that shows up about the company is called your Meta Description or Meta-Data. Does yours clearly and quickly convey what you offer? You only get 160 characters to entice someone to click through to your site – make them relevant and make them count!


  1. Does your content speak to the visitor in the “tone” of your brand?


Does the way your content is worded match the way you want your company to be seen? You quickly get a sense of a person’s personality when you are face-to-face, but did you know your website can show personality too – just by the way it is written? If your business is classy, professional and knowledgeable, that’s how your content should come across – because those are the types of people you want to attract. If your business is quirky and fun, your target audience probably is too – so you want the content to attract the kind of people who will respond to the fun and flavour of your brand.


  1. Do you have good internal links?computer online copywriting good links


These are useful for channelling people around your site, helping them find what they need when they need it, like contact details, as well as for SEO and Google-friendly purposes. Just having ‘here’ isn’t great, instead, try ‘head here for more information on our landscaping services’. This tells the visitor and Google exactly what they will find when they click on the link. You can also get a few more good keywords into your site this way – Win Win.


  1. Is it readable?


This is a big one and takes a lot into account; are you using a clean font, size 12 or over, is the copy formatted – uses headlines, broken into chunks, no long wordy paragraphs, have you done a CAREFUL spelling and grammar check, etc. Another thing to check; is it easy to understand? It helps to get someone not in your industry to read through it, they will quickly tell you if they have no idea what you are talking about or if it’s too full of jargon.



Obviously, there is a lot that goes in to making great, clear, on-brand website content for your business, but just remember how important it is to have a high-quality website today, so it’s well worth the investment.

80% of people who get your business card will head straight to your website to check you out before calling – that’s a lot of potentially lost business if your website isn’t up-to-scratch.


But it’s not all doom and gloom, with a bit of time and care, you can have a fabulous website that shows everyone who visits exactly how amazing your business is.


And if you don’t have the time or the words, let us help – we want your website to be every bit as awesome as you are.